How to get the Best of these stories –

These stories can speak to you. They can share many a secret. They can open many a magical door to your life. They are like Mirrors- You can see your life reflection in that present moment.

Everyone gets excited with Stories. I just want you to become more fascinated with Stories, any stories. Read stories, write stories, share stories with your loved ones. Together, Let’s make the World a better place.

These stories have been numbered so you can know what stories you have read and what you have missed. Each story is independent and stands on its own. They don’t necessarily follow any order. So you can read any story, anytime. Whatever story flashes in front of you is the story for you.

Pause, Ponder and Reflect on these stories. They might appear as just one or two sentences but they can reveal a world to you. Divine Destiny is staring at you. Look deep and many hidden messages will flash.

Challenge Yourself To Look Deep- Smart people always add value to themselves and others. They enhance life in whatever they do. Rather than thinking Feel the story. The stories have many layers, deeper understanding and meaning. The more you look the more they reveal.

Share what you feel about the story. Add your own thoughts, feelings and interpretation of the story. Someone, somewhere might just be waiting to be helped by your thoughts.

A small action from you can go a long way.

What do you think and feel? Comment and Share.